Porn Actress Farting Fetish

Fart Analysis
June 4, 2017 0

Some of the porn actresses are so stunning and hot with big asses and sexy faces, that anyone with an  iota of fart fetish would gladly leave to sniff their anal indiscretions.  Don’t you wish […]

Ileana D’Cruz ass farting in bikini

Indian actress
November 3, 2016 2

  Imagine Ileana D’Cruz farting a puski under water,  the fish and divers will forget oxygen and breathe her eggy methane.  Her ass is truly worth all the love for fart fetish. Here’s an ebook […]

Shruti Hassan fart expression

Fart Expression
October 9, 2016 0

Looks like Shruti Hassan farted a nasty puski. She can’t  believe you are actually sniffing her precious butt gas. Here’s an ebook from a female author on how to get a girl to fart for […]